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Discover ClaimsTM can help you submit requests for medical mileage reimbursements.
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Who is Eligible for Medical Mileage Reimbursement?

Everyone (maybe)!
Just submit a reimbursement to your insurance company to find out. It's free and will not have any impact on your insurance.

Medical mileage may be either a contractual benefit that someone is entitled to receive or a benefit mandated by state laws governing insurance. The medical portion of auto insurance includes reimbursement for medical mileage. The medical mileage benefit is reimbursable as a part of Personal Injury Protection(PIP) benefits or general medical payments, often called "Med-Pay". In most cases Workers Compensation benefits include reimbursement for medical mileage. Also, appointments for medical treatment related to general liability claims are eligible for mileage reimbursement. If you want to know whether your medical appointments are eligible for mileage reimbursement, then you should contact your insurance company and ask "Am I entitled to receive medical mileage reimbursement?"; your insurance representative should provide you with an answer.

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How Discover Claims Works

You can use Discover Claims to quickly and easily request reimbursement for your medical mileage related expenses. If you have been driving to medical appointments you may be entitled to reimbursement. Below you will find a summary of how Discover Claims works.

  1. Create an Account or Login. It's Free!
  2. Create a New Reimbursement.
  3. Enter Your Claim and Injury Information.
  4. Enter Information About Your Insurance Company.
  5. Enter the Year and Month You Are Seeking Reimbursement For.
  6. Enter Information About Trips to Your Service Providers.
  7. Download or Print Your Reimbursement Request Forms.
  8. Submit the Reimbursement Forms to Your Insurance Provider.
This entire process can be completed in less than five minutes. Need to create additional reimbursement requests? No problem! Discover Claims can save entered information for later use reducing the time to submit additional reimbursement requests.

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